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First Line Friday #48: Two Ways Home

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First Line Fridays

Happy Friday, reader friends! Don’t forget to check out our current giveaways!

It’s time again to peek at a first line and chat books in the comments!!!

After you say hi and drop off your first line in the comments, hop around to the other First Line Friday ladies for more great book recommendations!

Two Ways Home by Sondra Kraak

Two Ways Home by Sondra Kraakgoodreads | amazon

Pine Creek, Washington Territory, 1884

“He loves me. He loves me not.” Twelve-year-old Mary Smith dangled her legs over the bough of the cherry tree in which she sat.

Awww, doesn’t that paint a sweet picture!!! I’ve just started reading this series and I am looking forward to Mary’s story! Although the Two Ways Home blog tour concluded yesterday, it’s not too late to hop through the stops and learn more about the book.

However, this IS your last chance to pick up your Kindle copy of Two Ways Home for just $0.99! The sale ends today!

 So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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28 thoughts on “First Line Friday #48: Two Ways Home”

  1. I have Two Ways Home on my TBR list. I’m looking forward to reading it. My first line is from, Vendetta, by Lisa Harris.

    “The initial step off the sheer face of a three-hundred-plus-foot drop was always the most terrifying.”

    Happy Reading!


  2. My first line comes from FIRSTBORN by Tosca Lee.

    Six weeks ago, I woke up in a cabin in the north woods of Maine with no memory of the last two years or any pertinent details of my life before.

    Happy Weekend and Happy Reading!


  3. I’m looking forward to reading this series as soon as I get the chance!

    I have the first line from Teresa Tysinger’s upcoming release on my blog, but here I’m going to share the first line from ‘Nightshade’ by Ronie Kendig, in honour of its recent re-release:

    “Gut pressed to the spine of his Hayabusa, Max Jacobs bore down the mountainous two-lane road.”

    Have a great weekend!


    1. OH, I love this book but it makes me CRY!!! Shel Silverstein has been one of my favorite authors forever!!! His stories pulled my reluctant reader into the world of books 🙂


  4. That is a great first line! I really enjoyed that series and I’m looking forward to the 3rd book coming out soon!


  5. Cute cover!

    This week, I’m trying to put some reading time into “The Memoirs of General William T. Sherman” (for research) and “Threads of Suspicion (by Dee Henderson–my first of hers to read).


  6. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m in the middle of so many books right now. I’m rereading one of my favorites, My Stubborn Heart. The prologue begins, “There once was a girl who’d been praying for a husband since the fourth grade.”

    This is such a fun, witty, heartwarming book with an amazing hero. If you haven’t read it, put it on your list!


  7. I’ve had that book since August, and need to get to it. Happy Friday!! My first line is from White by Denise Weimer: “The dream started the way Jennifer’s actual visit to the house at 104 Main Street, Hermon, had begun, on a road that hurtled past green fields & dust-blown wildflowers into forever, ending in a community time had forgotten.”


  8. Here’s my first line today (from the prologue): “Night crept over the hills, smothering the landscape in a cocoon of darkness that would hide him in a few minutes.” — Colleen Coble’s Haven of Swans (the cover is intriguing, too!).


  9. From the prologue of Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection
    Kansas, 1865
    Abigail Melton entered the kitchen to the sight of her mother slumped over the table, a telegram clutched in one hand.

    The fictional town of Turtle Springs lost almost all their men to the Civil War.


  10. On my blog is the first line from Irene Onorato’s upcoming release so I have decided to share the first line from a book that’s gotten buried on my kindle entitled Back Home Again by Melody Carlson.

    “Thin rays of afternoon sunlight filtered through the leaves of the old maple tree that dominated the front yard of the Howard family home.”


  11. Oh, man. I remember doing that when I was a little girl. Love that line.

    Here’s mine from a book I just finished reading: Count Me in by Mikal Dawn.

    “The little hairs on the back of Allegra Spencer’s neck stood at attention.”


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