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Meghan M. Gorecki: author spotlight

Reader friends, it is my great pleasure to host this sweet young author on the blog today! I am currently reading her newest release and I just want to hug her!

About the Author

Meghan GoreckiMeghan M. Gorecki is an author of inspirational fiction, a blogger, book reviewer and voracious reader.

Taking her life a day at a time as God leads, she is pursuing a career in the publishing industry as an editor in training and as a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

A hopeless romantic, history and Marvel nut, she’s also a redhead (thanks to a box), who knows way too much trivia about movie musicals and the Civil War. Find her on social media and at her blog, A Northern Belle.

A Northern Belle | Facebook | TwitterInstagram


Five Favorite Christmas Traditions

1. We decorate our house the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a magical, occasionally laughable time getting our many boxes down from the attic—but the end result is so enchanting and cozy. We listen to Christmas music and usually gorge on leftovers and we always finish out the day by watching White Christmas.

Beth: Sounds like a big fun day at your house!

2. Since we were all born, my mom’s had this tradition of buying a photo frame ornament (or making one!) so each of us kids have a photo on the tree from every year of our lives. Suffice it to say with me being twenty-three, Sara twenty-one, Ronnie fourteen and Anna, twelve—it makes for a happily cluttered tree of mainly photo ornaments. It’s so great to reminisce about when the photos were taken and groan/hide the most unattractive ones from the awkward years. And when we’re all out of the house someday—my parents will get to keep all the photo ornaments.

Beth: Your mama obviously has superpowers. Give her a great big hug from me for being so awesome!

Meghan's Family3. Christmas Eve Beauty Prep is a more of a recent tradition, instituted by my roomie/sister Sara. Facials, nails, hair and makeup are a Hunger Games-prep-level process for Christmas Eve service when we all get dolled up and head to church.

Beth: Awww, sister bonding! Y’all are so sweet!

4. Cookies! My two favorites we bake without fail every year are chocolate crinkles and Baba’s Orange Cookies (my great-grandmother’s recipe.) We make a ton of them, and they last us past New Years, typically. These two cookies I incorporated into my holiday novella Wrapped in Red, actually! 🙂

Beth: Yes! I knew I liked you, Meghan! Oh, I love cookies!

5. Christmas morning, for most of my life, my parents have hid our presents around the house, and write clues for us to hunt them down. My sister and I give our gifts to our family/each other first normally, then the hunt is on. Nowadays we’ve more or less figured out any/all (albeit very creative) clues my mom writes up, so we let the teenagers figure them out.

Beth: You know your parents are pretty amazing, right?! They really set the bar high! Fortunately, I’m pretty set in my minimalist ways so no pressure here 😀


Tell us a little bit about your latest release.

Meghan: *grin* I’d love to! So Wrapped in Red is a Christmas novella set in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA that I wrote a lot of holiday family lore into, as well as a lot of personal lessons learned this last year.

I had to put a romantic comedy spin onto it, of course, and so that is where Merry and Sam come in. Two people who’re thrown together with a recipe of serendipity, meddlesome family—and God’s perfect plan, in spite of themselves.

This novella is an unofficial first in a contemporary romance “imprint” of my Northern Belle Publishing called Three Rivers Romance. The series is still very much in the works, but suffice it to say the series will stay true to a trademark of mine—the importance of family—and have an “All roads lead back home to Pittsburgh” feel. 🙂

Wrapped in Red: A Three Rivers Romance Novella

Wrapped in RedA Steel City holiday romance sure to melt your heart.

The holidays haven’t been the easiest for Merry Grainger. Five years ago, she lost her grandfather and got dumped by her boyfriend right before Christmas. Each season since sees her determined to avoid getting hurt again, and so she keeps a steel-like grip on her hopeless romantic heart.

Music used to soothe Sam Shepard’s soul until the death of his biggest cheerleader broke his heart, family, and dreams into pieces. Now he’s focused on thriving in the city, and with the people, he’s grown to love—all to keep the hole in his heart from opening anew with every passing holiday season.

Thrown together by a church play and meddlesome family armed with mistletoe, will Merry and Sam unwrap their guarded hearts to let in the true hope of Christmas—and each other?

Goodreads | Amazon

Beth: I have to say, I’m loving this story!
UPDATE: I just finished reading and y’all need this book in your lives! My heart! This story!

What are you working on now?

Meghan: I am working on a book for my historical line, The Keystone Legacy Series entitled A Rose Long Awaited. A full-length historical romance that is the sequel in a Civil War trilogy set in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

A trilogy that’s been reshaped and has grown as much as I have since when I first began writing it in 2012 (with book one, Amongst the Roses.) Think Little Women meets Pride and Prejudice meets Gone with the Wind (okay, kind of…) in a style similar to Lynn Austin’s Refiner’s Fire Series and Jocelyn Green’s Heroines Behind the Lines series. Or so I hope. 🙂

Beth: Sounds fabulous! Thank you for dropping by the blog during this crazy busy season! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

Meghan: Beth—thank you SO much for having me here today! Merry, merry Christmas!

God’s Will by Meghan M. Gorecki

God's Will by Meghan M. Gorecki

Goodreads | Amazon

18 thoughts on “Meghan M. Gorecki: author spotlight”

  1. As a Pittsburgh native – and someone who has also written a book set in Gettysburg AND a Christmas romance set in Pittsburgh, I’m anxious to read Wrapped in Red.


    1. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the great landmark references (not to mention the lovely story)! If I wasn’t such a country bumpkin, I’d want to go see all those places for myself 😉


  2. Beth, I’m loving these “five favorites” author spotlights you’re doing!! Great idea!

    And Meghan!!!! My sweet friend!! I love you and your novella. And… chocolate crinkles… where have I seen that recently? 😉


  3. I love Christmas traditions (and I have a photo ornament of my oldest sister and her family that has been on my tree for many years) & this novella sounds so fun! I might be making another impulse Amazon purchase this evening…

    Yesterday I did a clean-out of my “To-Read” shelf on Goodreads, and God’s Will was one of the few that survived the cut without being on my kindle or bookshelf…yet. 😉


  4. I loved this, Beth and Meghan. So fun. I need to read this book sometime soon. I have little picture frames with pictures of all my kids and grandkids on my tree. The grandkids all love looking for their picture and seeing all their cousins’ pictures.


    1. I love this picture ornament idea, it’s just not in my skill set 😉 Our tree is prelit but otherwise unadorned, I’m taking low key minimalist to a new level this year. #ratherbereading


  5. Beth, I think you could manage it. I just got the little frames from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. They aren’t too expensive, but since I needed a bunch of them, I got them on sale after Christmas a few years ago. Then you can just scan a picure and size it to fit the frame size, cut it to fit and put the back on, then hang on the tree. I think I got one of my kids to help me scan and size the pictures, since I’m EC. I’ll see if I can send you a picture (if I can figure out how to). LOL You’re a lot more tech savvy than I am.


      1. Beth, I don’t change them every year. I’ve just left them the way they were when I did them. That way you only do them once, and they’re done. The grandkids love to look at how everyone has changed.


  6. Beth and Meghan, this was a wonderful post! Wrapped in Red is on my wist list.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Blessings to you and your families!


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