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A Bleu Streak Summer by T.I. Lowe

A Bleu Streak Summer by T.I. LoweTime to hit the California beach for a Bleu Streak Tour with new band mate Will Bleu!

While the typical shenanigans continue on as usual, lead guitarist and prankster, Maxim King finds himself on an abandoning ride of self-doubt. Can the charismatic musician figure out an exit before completely abandoning the life he worked so hard for, as well as losing the love of an exceptional woman?

“If chemistry were enough to fix my stupidity… ‘Cause, baby, we’ve got that in spades.”
“Sounds like song lyrics to me.” She leaned up and pressed one final kiss to his lips.

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My Thoughts

I love me some Bleu Streak!!! If this band was really REAL, I would buy their music and go to their concerts (it’s probably been 15 years since I’ve been to a concert so this is hypothetically a HUGE deal)! The crew remains authentic and crazy talented, as I mentioned in my review of A Bleu Streak Christmas.

Max King is perhaps the biggest prankster of them all… and that’s saying something in this ornery bunch. Meanwhile, beneath the surface, he is paralyzed by his past, eventually isolating himself from everyone including his twin, Mave. The way the Bleu family bands together and supports one another is inspiring and heartwarming.

Now y’all had to see this coming but squeal with me anyway, Bleu Streak has a whole passel of babies and toddlers!!! Rock stars and babes, precious!!! I love the big extended family bond, southern lessons like how to treat a lady and you best be respectin’ your parents, all the food and of course fun! Keep bringing Bleu Streak back, T.I. and I’ll be right here to fangirl over each new book!


About the Author

T.I. LoweT.I. Lowe is a southern belle that resides on a small farm hidden in the boonies near coastal South Carolina. Most days you can easily find T.I. in her kitchen, whipping up homemade treats for her babies and neighbors or glued to her computer keyboard. She enjoys drifting away in the fictitious world of the latest novel while bathing in the warm southern sunshine with a glass of iced tea in hand.

T.I. Lowe focuses on southern women’s fiction. She feels led to broach some serious issues that plague us all, but in an entertaining and readable way. T.I. Lowe is a member of the ACFW.

“I am running with patience the race set before me, looking unto Jesus, my author and finisher of my faith.”

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