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Toward the Sunrise by Elizabeth Camden

Toward the Sunrise by Elizabeth Camden - Faithfully Bookish reviewJulia Broeder is only six months shy of graduating from the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania when one small decision spirals out of control and results in her expulsion. Hoping to travel the world as a missionary doctor, her only choice is to return back home…or throw herself upon the mercy of Ashton Carlyle.

Formal and straight-laced, Ashton Carlyle is not pleased to see an expelled Julia arrive at his Manhattan office. His position as a junior attorney for the Vandermark family’s world-famous shipping empire entails taking care of the Broeders, longtime employees of the Vandermark family. But Ashton has no intention now of using his employer’s resources in defense of Julia’s impulsive and reckless actions.

What Ashton did not expect was a scathing reprimand from none other than the Vandermark family patriarch or the bewildering resistance from Julia herself when he’s forced to change his tune. At an impasse, Ashton and Julia never anticipated the revelations that arise or the adventure that awaits them.

In this novella, award-winning novelist Elizabeth Camden introduces readers to the world of the grand Hudson River Valley estate Dierenpark and the enigmatic Vandermark family. Includes an extended preview of Until the Dawn, Camden’s full-length Dierenpark novel.


My Thoughts

Toward the Sunrise is a delightful novella. You just need to snatch it up right now for FREE and read it on any device with the free Kindle app. Julia is a little flighty but I love her anyway! She is a compassionate, intelligent medical student who leaps before she looks. I love that Julia is willing to go to great lengths to provide care and protection to animals in need.

Ashton is a hard-working, sensible lawyer. He is determined to grant financial security to his father in order to repay him for the sacrifices he made to fund Ashton’s education. Straight-laced Ashton and free-spirited Julia are a winning combination but throw in a whole herd of birthing goats and it is a must read! I enjoyed their story and can’t wait to learn more about the estate and Vandermark family in Until the Dawn!

About the Author

Elizabeth CamdenElizabeth Camden is a research librarian at a small college in central Florida. Her novels have won the coveted RITA and Christy Awards. She has published several articles for academic publications and is the author of four nonfiction history books. Her ongoing fascination with history and love of literature have led her to write inspirational fiction. Elizabeth lives with her husband near Orlando, Florida.

Connect with Elizabeth
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The Rose of Winslow Street is another Elizabeth Camden title I really enjoyed!


2 thoughts on “Toward the Sunrise by Elizabeth Camden”

    1. Oh, don’t you just love crazy animal scenarios! I do! I have added motivation to make it down to Until the Dawn on my tbr (or bump it up, hehehe!) This prequel is an intriguing launch for the series, I’m dying to know more about the connection between the two families.


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