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Indie Author favorites: Top Ten Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday, reader friends! I’m linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl again for Top Ten Tuesday & the topic this week is: “Freebie.” So, I am sharing ten of my indie author favorites! The majority are completely self-published authors and the rest either walked away from traditional publishers for now or they are currently hybrid authors.

Here are ten of my favorite indie authors who have claimed significant space on my Kindle and my shelves (in alphabetical order):

my indie author favorites


Misty M. Beller

Misty M. Beller

If you’re a fan of the Rocky Mountains and historical fiction, pick up anything written by Misty M. Beller!


Christina Coryell

Written in the Dust by Christina Coryell

With loads of sass and tons of fun, Christina Coryell rocks the rural America vibes and quirky characters!


Mikal Dawn

Mikal Dawn Count Me In by Mikal Dawn

Coffee fanatics and fans of romantic comedy will feel right at home with Mikal Dawn’s wit and honesty!


Becky Doughty

Gia and the Blast from the Past by Becky Doughty

Like a chameleon, Becky Doughty excels in multiple genres and authentic character creation!


April W. Gardner

April W. Gardner Love the War Woman by April W. Gardner

Native American culture leaps off the pages of April W. Gardner’s Creek Country Saga!


Tamara Leigh

Brace yourselves for a vivid Medieval era immersion with Tamara Leigh (and she has fabulous contemporary romance titles, too)!


Elizabeth Maddrey

Elizabeth Maddrey

Sweet, fun, and smart, Elizabeth Maddrey’s novels deftly explore a variety of subcultures and tight-knit communities!


Sarah Monzon

Sarah Monzon

From breathtaking split-time novels to contemporary romance novellas, Sarah Monzon offers sweet steamy reads.


Jennifer Rodewald

Jennifer Rodewald The Cupcake Dilemma by Jennifer Rodewald

Jennifer Rodewald delivers depth and raw authenticity in her full-length novels and this sweet novella is one of my favorite reread mood lifters!


Amy Leigh Simpson

Amy Leigh Simpson If Spring Comes by Amy Leigh Simpson

Looking for a fearless author to make your heart pound and spine tingle? Amy Leigh Simpson’s romantic suspense brings steam and heart to her stories!


Are y’all intrigued by any of my indie author favorites?
Who are your favorite indie authors, reader friends?

21 thoughts on “Indie Author favorites: Top Ten Tuesdays”

  1. Such a great list! Thank you for including me! Besides those listed (who I love!) I’m also a fan of Racheal Anderson, Jennifer Peel, Bria Quinlann, Mimi Matthews, and I should probably stop there or I could go on for days!


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