A Robertson Family Christmas: First Line Friday #20

First Line Fridays

Happy Friday, bookish friends! I pulled another fun Christmas read off my shelf for y’all this week.

Hope ya’ll don’t mind, my redneck is showing…

A Robertson Family Christmas

by Miss Kay Robertson with Travis Thrasher

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A Robertson Family Christmas

 The first time Stacy Clarke saw the golden duck call, she thought someone was playing a cruel joke on her.

My Review

This story is so much more than duck calls and bearded men.

So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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11 thoughts on “A Robertson Family Christmas: First Line Friday #20

  1. I am going to have to look this one up… 🙂

    My first line:

    Summer 1384, Berkhamsted Castle, Hertfordshire, England

    “Servants may marry whomever they want, but a king’s daughter has no freedom at all.”

    ~The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson

  2. “What better time than a wedding to ask a man to marry you?” From A Convenient Christmas Wedding by Regina Scott

  3. February 1870
    “But that money is rightfully mine!”
    No One’s Bride by Nerys Leigh
    I read it yesterday. I LOVED it!

    I don’t mind your redneck showing 😉 When my brother was little, when someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he always said, “a redneck.” He wears it proudly.

    1. Great first line and a new to me author!
      Thanks for sharing that about your brother, so sweet! Nothing wrong with being a redneck!

    1. Me too! I’m still not eating fish, shrimp, crawdads, frogs, squirrel, or any internal organs. Just sayin, I’m only a little bit redneck…

  4. I love the Robertsons! I’m with you not eating squirrel, organs, frogs, etc. My first line comes from Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith.

    Jerusalem, 994 BC

    Darkness curtained the sky, hiding the stars, sheltering Bathsheba in the inner courtyard of her home.

    1. I’m all about the breads, cakes, pies, and real butter though! Miss Kay could definitely teach me a lot!
      Your first line looks so intriguing!

  5. Blood was dripping onto the pristine doormat under his feet.

    Finding Peace, A Crittendon County Christmas Novel by Shelley Shepard Gray at Dollar Tree was a happy surprise with a very unexpected first line!

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