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Four Dreams of You with Sondra Kraak q&a

Sondra Kraak is here to share five favorites and answer a few q&a’s about herself and Four Dreams of You for us! Plus, Sondra has generously provided a giveaway!


about the author

Sondra Kraak

A native of Washington State, Sondra Kraak grew up playing in the rain, hammering out Chopin at the piano, and running up and down the basketball court. Now settled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, blogging about spiritual truths, and writing historical romance set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

She delights in sharing stories that not only entertain but nourish the soul. Her debut novel, One Plus One Equals Trouble, was a Genesis semi-finalist (2015) and the winner of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Unpublished Women’s Fiction Award (2015). Sondra has since published three novels.

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Name five favorites…

Four Dreams of You with Sondra Kraak's five favoritesS: season… fall (football, colorful leaves, crisp nights, Thanksgiving…need I say more?)

new-to-me author this year… Michelle Griep

fictional couple… Matt Jarreau and Kate Donovan from Becky Wade’s My Stubborn Heart

time or place to read or write… A rainy day in the fall sitting in my green velvet chair beneath a blanket and sipping black vanilla tea.

place to visit… Wind River Mountains, Wyoming

B: There are reasons why we get along so well and you just named five of them!!! I also love autumn, Michelle Griep, Becky Wade, rainy day reading, and Wyoming!

What is your favorite hobby or activity not related to books?

S: The first thing that came to mind was reading. But that’s book-related. The second thing that came to mind is music. But that’s my other job so it doesn’t always feel like a hobby. A true activity that I do just because I love it is jigsaw puzzles. It’s a great stress-relief and good procrastination from writing.

B: You know, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done a jigsaw puzzle but I’m well acquainted with procrastination, lol!

Describe Four Dreams of You in five words.

S: Dreams. Flirtation. Surrender. Humor. Forest.

B: Ooooo, I love a good flirtation and your sense of humor, too!

What books are you reading right now?

S: I’m reading my first Laura Frantz book, The Lacemaker. It’s beautifully written, and the characters and history are delightful. I’m also reading a nonfiction book called Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate.

B: Great choices, these reflect your excellent taste in fiction and compassionate heart!

What’s your writing style?

S: A mix of plotter and panster. I start with clear ideas about who my characters are and what they are trying to achieve. I draft out scene ideas and main points and keep notes on my phone as dialogue and plot points come to me.

But once I get into writing, all that usually switches around. I try to follow the cause and effect that unfolds naturally. The ending is not clear to me at the beginning. Sometimes it’s a choose-your-own-adventure style where I have several options I’m playing around with, and I have to see which makes more sense and tugs on me greatest when I get there.

I am a verrrrry slow writer, redoing scenes multiple times as I go along. By the time I write “the end” I’ve already done many rewrites.

B: Slow and steady wins the race (or in this case, writes the book), my friend! Thanks so much for coming by to visit with us today!


about the book

Four Dreams of You (Love that Counts, book 4) by  Sondra Kraak

Four Dreams of You by Sondra Kraak

Unfulfilled dreams have left Grace Thomas vowing not to let her imagination roam wild again. Resigning herself to the goal of owning a dress shop, she accepts a position as a housekeeper at Monaghan Lumber Camp in order to earn funds. The plan is simple, easy, and safe. But Torin Monaghan is not. The reclusive brother who seems indifferent to her presence is ironically the one stirring up her imagination.

Torin Monaghan will not be deterred from his passion to preserve the beauty of nature. Even if it appears as if he’s going against his family. Even if the quirky and wistful seamstress invading his space is proving a distraction. To his frustration, Grace Thomas is not easily dismissed, and neither are the ways she’s opening his eyes to a different sort of beauty.

When past threats bring new trouble to Pine Creek, Torin and Grace must become vulnerable—to each other and their community—and through risk, discover that reality is more fulfilling than their dreams.

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Love That Count series

Two Ways Home by Sondra Kraak Four Dreams of You by Sondra Kraak



Thanks to the generosity of the author, one fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader friend will win a print (US only) or ebook copy of Four Dreams of You.

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Let me know if you’ll be adding Four Dreams of You by Sondra Kraak to your tbr, it is definitely on mine!

17 thoughts on “Four Dreams of You with Sondra Kraak q&a”

  1. Thanks for the fun spotlight, Beth and Sondra! I’m actually reading an e-copy of Four Dreams of You now and loving it!


  2. I am glad that they are still Authors out there that are writing books that are clean and decent to read. Thanks for that.


  3. “Four Dreams of You” is now on my Goodreads TBR list. Sounds like a fabulous book and one that I would greatly enjoy having the opportunity to read.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


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