The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart: book spotlight + guest post

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The Amish Nanny's Sweetheart by Jan Drexler JustRead tour

Hi, reader friends! Today, we welcome back our author friend Jan Drexler to celebrate her new release with a JustRead book tour!

about the book

Title: The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart
Author: Jan Drexler
Publisher: Love Inspired Historical
Release Date: March 1, 2018
Genre: Inspirational Historical Amish Fiction

The Amish Nanny's Sweetheart by Jan DrexlerLove in Plain Sight

As nanny for her nephew, Judith Lapp’s finally part of a vibrant, joyful Amish community instead of living on the outskirts looking in. But teaching her neighbors’ Englischer farmworker to read Pennsylvania Dutch wasn’t part of her plan. And the more time she spends with Guy Hoover, the more he sparks longings for a home and family of Judith’s own.

Guy figured he would never be truly accepted by his Amish employers’ community—even though the Mast family treats him like a son. But Judith’s steadfast caring shows him that true belonging could be within his reach…if he and Judith can reconcile their very different hopes—and hearts.

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about the author

Jan Drexler

Jan grew up surrounded by books and storytellers. With Pastors and Teachers populating both sides of her extended family, we aren’t surprised that she wanted to be a first-class storyteller herself.

Born and raised in Michigan, Jan is the descendant of Amish, Mennonite and Brethren immigrants who settled in Berks, Somerset and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700’s. The descendants of these immigrants pioneered in Maryland, Ohio, and finally Elkhart and LaGrange Counties in Northern Indiana in the 1850’s.

During the years when Jan was raising and homeschooling their children, she and her husband moved nine times in thirty years, finally landing in South Dakota where they enjoy incredibly Michigan-like weather. A northerner is always a northerner!

The ideas for Jan’s books come from the stories told by her parents and grandparents, seasoned with a lot of research and imagination.

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author spotlight


Five Things I Love about Writing Amish Fiction
by Jan Drexler

Jan: The readers. I love readers of all kinds, but I have a special place in my heart for readers of Amish fiction. We share a desire to read sweet stories about strong communities, simple living, and – admit it – good food. If you don’t read an Amish story without getting hungry, there is something missing!

Beth: I can definitely see that and who can resist good food?!

Jan: While we’re on the topic, I have to mention the food. Writing about family meals centered around the foods produced by Mid-Western farms takes me back to childhood family dinners. I grew up spending almost every holiday with our extended family, and I get to relive those memories whenever my characters sit down to dinner!

Beth: Can’t beat that! 

Jan: The research. Because I write historical Amish stories, my research has taken me everywhere from William Penn’s establishment of the colony of Pennsylvania, to the now-extinct Conestoga breed of horses, to the early settlement of northern Indiana. I’ve learned all kinds of skills – some hands on, like quilting, and many more through YouTube videos. Much of my research is centered in my work on my family’s genealogy, following the lives of my ancestors in various historical Amish communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

My favorite sources for research when writing “The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart” were my grandfather’s diaries. His day-to-day entries gave me a first hand look at the life of a farm laborer in Indiana in the 1930’s.

Beth: What a legacy for your children and grandchildren!

Jan: The peaceful simplicity of the Amish life. Many of us wouldn’t want to give up our freedom to follow our own desires when it comes to dress, worship, and other lifestyle choices. But one advantage to living with the kinds of restrictions the Amish do is that you’re able to focus on the important things in life. Without the many distractions of our modern lifestyle, more time and energy can be spent with God and family.

Beth: I’d be willing to go tiny or full-time RV-ing but I like electricity and internet! 😉

Jan: Writing my stories with Amish characters allows me to dig deep into the God-stories I’m called to write. I have a great desire to minister to people within the church – people who enjoy the benefits of being part of a church without necessarily realizing how completely satisfying a life with Jesus as Lord can be. When I tell my stories through my Amish characters – people who are part of the church from the time they were born like many of us are – I can show how they grow from being part of a community to being in the church as believers, and perhaps encourage some readers to examine their own walk with Christ.

Beth: That is a wonderful ministry, Jan! Thanks so much for sharing with us today!



Jan Drexler is giving away a print copy of The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart and a $10 Amazon Gift Card to one winner!

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What are some of your favorite reasons for reading Amish fiction, reader friends?

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17 thoughts on “The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart: book spotlight + guest post”

  1. Thank you for the spotlight and guest post for “The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart” by Jan Drexler and being part of the book tour. Love her books and hoping for the opportunity to read this book.

    I love to read Amish books because they are books that anyone can read. They have a clean, wholesome story most with a message to tell if you just listen, some give a glimpse of how it is to live Amish with values we should all strive for like to live simply, put God first and willingness to work to support their family and those in need , and besides they are just fun to read.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  2. I have been seeing this book and I’m looking forward to reading it. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    wfnren at aol dot com


  3. I really enjoyed the description of the book and I’m looking forward to reading it. I really like reading about the Amish way of life. Adding to my TBR list.


  4. Great interview Beth and Jan!
    How blessed to have your grandfather’s diaries.
    I have The Amish Nanny’s Sweetheart on my very loooong TBR list.
    Blessings, Tina


  5. Amish fiction reminds me of the values that were once so prominent in our society but have sadly slipped away. No, we all didn’t travel by buggy and do without electricity and other conveniences but there was respect, loyalty and a reverence for God and country.
    Thanks for being a part of this tour.


  6. I just love that Jan’s grandfather’s journals have not only blessed her but will bless generations to come in their family and beyond. So sweet!


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